How to Choose the Right Hair Straightener

Beauty straightening her hair

Any straightener will straighten your hair, however, it goes without saying that the best straightening irons are the ones made with advanced technology. They tend to be more expensive - usually more than £50 - but are well worth the investment. There are certain things you should try and keep in mind when choosing a pair of straighteners: how long will they last, do they suit my hair type and what is my budget. If you pick the wrong set, you'll just end up being unhappy and more importantly causing too much hair damage. As most flat ironed hair straighteners look the same, here is what you ought to keep in mind when you want to find a pair that suits you the most.

What Material Are They Made From?

The majority of straighteners have ceramic plates that are made from either tourmaline, titanium or both combined together. These material generate negatively charged ions when they're heated up, helping to seal hair cuticles and creating smooth and straight hair. Nevertheless, each material is suitable for different kinds of hair. For instance, a hair straightener made from ceramics will keep a very high temperature and evenly distribute heat. Consequently, you get a frizz-free and glossy look with very little damage.

Beauty straightening her hair

A straightener made from a solid set of ceramic plates costs a lot more compared to ones just coated with ceramic plates, although they tend not to damage or chip your hair. A straightener with a flat ceramic iron is perfect for the majority of hair types that ranges from thick to thin.

Beauty straightening her hair

Irons made with titanium also generate a high temperature and maintain heat, but they have a tendency to create a greater number if ions compared to ceramic plated irons. This type of hair straightening iron is more suitable for people with very coarse and thick hair that is often really had to straighten. If you happen to have fine hair and own a pair of titanium straighteners, you should use it on a very low temperature.

Beauty straightening her hair

Tourmaline, on the other hand,isn't a material just made by itself; it's a stone that's compressed and naturally soaked into a titanium or titanic plate. A plate that has been infused with tourmaline is suitable for very thick and coarse hair because it reduces the amount of friction caused during straightening, leaving you with incredibly sleek looking hair.

Basic and cheap hair straighteners are plated with metal. They can easily straighten uncontrollable hair but tend to cause a fair amount of damage to the hair cuticles. This is because they tend not to have a consistent surface temperature, hence they cause really hot spots whilst straightening that burns your hair. Metal plated hair straighteners aren't smooth like the ones made with ceramic and titanium and have a tendency to create a lot of friction during straightening.

What Size are the Plate?

You can buy straighteners that vary in size, although you should choose ones made with a thicker plate, ideally bigger than 1.5 inc, if your hair is thick and long. Flatter irons - 1 inch or less - are suitable for those with really fine or shorter hair.

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Adjustable Temperature

Choose a pair of straighteners that come with an adjustable temperature, especially if your hair is fine, damaged, chemically treated or delicate. A higher temperature tends to cause split ends and breakages, therefore, it is essential that you can alter the temperature to stop you from getting this kind of damage.

Deciding which hair straightener is the right one for you mostly depends on the type of hair you have. You can pick the best set of irons if you know how each set works. Now you do, so go ahead and buy a pair that's right for your hair type. We have so many that you can choose from.

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